Don`t GO

    ȜǿỔmry-Łệk ŘợỔhy-Fêk
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    Don`t GO

    مُساهمة من طرف ȜǿỔmry-Łệk ŘợỔhy-Fêk في الخميس نوفمبر 04, 2010 7:34 pm

    Don`t GO

    During sleepless nights
    I pretend that the past isn't real
    It brings back how I used to feel
    So much sadness in my hopeless life
    Never knew things would change so fast
    You're not here and I'm alone
    Trying to runaway from this pain that has grown
    I feel so empty now that you're gone
    There's so much crying; I feel like dying

    This one is for you
    And these words aren't brand new
    Though it's coming from the heart

    Thank you for the life you've given me
    Thank you for the hope; I'm finally free
    You'll always be in my mind
    Cross my heart, hope to die
    I never will forget you

    During sleepless nights and endless dreams
    I hope one day you'll visit me
    Just like it was planned to be
    So that day you'll finally see

    I can't go on without you
    I hope this wish will come true
    These words inside my heart
    Stay in there till we're apart
    Feel these tears coming in my eyes
    I try not to cry
    I'll try
    This shooting pain in my eyes
    Can't hold it anymore

    You're gone; you walked away
    These feelings went away
    Now I'm colder than the ocean breeze
    Now you're too far gone
    Please stay w

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    J e c o
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    رد: Don`t GO

    مُساهمة من طرف J e c o في الثلاثاء نوفمبر 09, 2010 10:07 pm

    ج ـــزآك الله خ ـــيييييـر .. وج ـــعله في ميـــزآن حسناتك ..

    يــ ع ــطيك الـــ ع ــــآفيه ...

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    رد: Don`t GO

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    Thank you for a wonderful theme

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